Straits Times: Breakaway group from the WP forms new party

THE breakaway group from the Workers Party has formed a new party, the United Front. Approval from the Registrar of Societies is being sought.

The proposed party constitution, and names of its pro-tem committee were submitted to the registrar on Dec. 22.

Officials named in the committee were secretary-general Mr. Seow Khee Leng, chairman Mr. Ng Ho and treasurer Mr. Raja Yusoff bin Raja Abdullah.

Mr. Seow and Mr. Ng were former assistant secretary-general and organising secretary of the Workers Party.


Pro-tem secretary-general Mr. Seow said: “Other key figures in the party included former chairman of the Peoples Front Mr. Wong Chung Kit, an economics graduate from Shanghai University.”

He said that the party’s manifesto is being drafted and would be ready soon.

Mr. Seow said that the group now enjoys the support of 13 ex-WP area sub-committees with a total membership of more than 200.

“Support also comes from the splinter group of the Peoples Front,” he added.

The party has a temporary office at 40-G, Lorong Sang Kanchil, Aljunied Road.

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