New Nation: Breakaway WP men form party

Govt approval awaited

By Long Kum Thong

THE breakaway group from the Workers’ Party has formed a new party, the United Front, pending approval from the Registrar of Societies.

It is understood that the party’s name, names of pro-tem committee members and the party’s manifesto were submitted to the registrar yesterday.

Committee members include Mr. Charlie Seow Khee Leng as secretary-general and Mr. Ng Ho as chairman. Both led the split from the Workers’ Party three weeks ago.

Usually reliable sources said two former prominent members of the People’s Front were also included in the committee.

They are expected to be Mr. Kow Kee Seng, ex-organising secretary and Mr. Wong Chung Kit, ex-chairman of the People’s Front.

The sources added that the new party’s strength numbered more than 200 members, the great majority of them ex-Workers’ Party members.

They expect more members to leave the Workers’ Party and join forces with the United Front.

The new party has a temporary office at 40-G, Lorong Sang Kanchil, off Aljunied Road.

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