Straits Times: Group takes over Workers Party

By VICTOR NG: Singapore, Mon.

….expected to meet the press soon.

A NEW group of politicians have taken over the Workers Party. The new leadership, together with a corps of supporters, is drafting a fresh manifesto.

According to sources, the new secretary-general of the party is lawyer Mr. J.B. Jeyaretnam.

He submitted a list of his central committee members to the Registrar of Societies last week.

It is understood the group took over the party in June after months of preparation.

Mr. Jeyaretnam is expected to call a press conference soon.

The Workers Party became inactive after lawyer Mr. David Marshall resigned as its chairman in 1963.

It is believed the “new group” preferred to take-over a dormant party instead of starting a new one, because registration of a new party could take months.

The “refurbished” Workers Party plans to strive for liberalisation of Singapore’s stringent labour laws.


Other officials are: Chairman, Mr. Heng Swee Tong, a publisher; first vice-chairman, Mr. Chiang Seok Keong, a businessman; second vice-chairman, Mr. R. Murugason, a lawyer; first asst. secretary-general, Mr. Charlie Seow Kee Leng, a trade unionist; second asst. secretary-general Mr. Suan Choon Heng, an architect.

General treasurer, Mr. Tan Poh Seng, a contractor; asst. treasurer, Mr. Seow Yong Chew, a businessman; organising secretary, Mr. Ng Ho, ex-trade unionist; and asst. organising secretary, Mr. Wong Hong Toy, a salesman.

Committee members: Mr. Liam Tian Seng, an ex-school teacher; […]

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