TODAY: WP’s concerns

THE Workers’ Party yesterday welcomed the deals that have been struck between Singapore and Malaysia but raised concerns over how the agreement on water supply will affect Singaporeans in the long run.

During Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s four-day visit to Kuala Lumpur, he and Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad reached new agreements regarding various long-standing issues: Water supply, railway land, CPF contributions by West Malaysians and airspace.

In the water supply agreement, Singapore agreed to pay 15 times more for it, while Malaysia assured it will supply water to Singapore beyond 2061 at a pegged rate.

“We hope that this will not translate into higher utilities bills that will further burden our people and also affect our economic competitiveness,” said Mr Low Thia Khiang, secretary-general of the WP.

Meanwhile, an MP for Cheng San GRC, Dr Michael Lim, said Singaporeans must look at the big picture and that if Singapore was not able to secure a deal with Malaysia, its alternatives would be even more expensive.

“The most important thing is that in the long term, prices remain affordable,” he said.

Cathleen Tung

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