TODAY: James Gomez quits Workers’ Party

SINGAPORE – An opposition candidate, whose application forms at the Election Department were the focal point of a stir during the General Election in 2006, has quit the Workers’ Party (WP).

Mr James Gomez, who stood on the WP ticket in the Aljunied GRC, announced yesterday at a Speakers’ Corner event in memory of the late opposition figure JB Jeyaretnam his decision not to renew his party membership which had lapsed on Dec 31.

Instead, he and several others have applied to the Registrar of Societies to set up a political association called Singaporeans for Democracy.

Mr Gomez claimed during the 2006 General Election that he had submitted his form for the minority certificate to the Election Department. Investigations and CCTV footage later showed he had not done so.

Mr Gomez was then taken to task by leaders of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP). As Polling Day neared, Mr Gomez admitted he had forgotten to submit the forms.

The WP team lost narrowly to the PAP team in Aljunied GRC. S RAMESH

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