TODAY: Let’s ‘be more’, not ‘have more’: WP

THEY are the ideals represented by the stars on the Singapore flag: Democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.

Yet, in its National Day statement issued yesterday, the Workers’ Party (WP) said that “for some time now, we have been losing our way on some of these”.

The statement, signed by WP youth wing vice-president Koh Choong Yong, said that it was time to reflect “on the kind of Singapore we want to build together”.

The opposition party’s vision: “A nation where each Singaporean is counted as a valuable citizen rather than an employee of Singapore Inc. A nation that is respected the world over for not just its efficiency and material wealth, but for the kindness and generosity of its people and leaders.”

Urging Singaporeans to choose “being more” over “having more”, the WP warned that Singaporeans stood to “lose the most precious gift of all: Our humanity, our conscience, our dignity”.

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