TODAY: It’s the message, not the platform

The Workers’ Party (WP) lays claim to being the first political party here to use Twitter to send out updates and mobilise supporters. According to WP’s Twitter page, its first message was posted on Nov 10 – 11 days before the Singapore Democratic Party.

The potential of Twitter – which allows followers to receive near-instantaneous updates and messages – “is not so much how many people have joined, but the convenience it gives mobilisers as a platform to galvanise support,” WP organising secretary Yaw Shin Leong told TODAY.

Apart from Facebook accounts and blogs maintained by its members, the WP can also count on an unofficial website – set up by a WP member earlier this year – to spread its political messages. Called “Hammersspeed”, the website aggregates online content related to the party.

Reiterating that these initiatives are part of a continuous process and “not an end in itself”, Mr Yaw said: “The idea is to enhance communication, to reach out to the people via more channels … These are mere instruments. It’s still about the message, not the platforms.” LOH CHEE KONG

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