Straits Times: Address Workers’ Party query


I REFER to the recent debate on foreign workers in Singapore, as highlighted in Saturday’s report, “Workers’ Party and NTUC spar over foreign workers”. The Workers’ Party (WP) had asked how the Government and the labour movement will ensure “the dignity and societal position of Singaporean workers are not compromised”.

This is a valid question, especially in the face of increasing inflation and the growing global nature of workforces.

I am disappointed that MP Seng Han Thong, assistant secretary-general of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), responded by challenging the WP to “not allow its contractors to employ foreigners”, instead of addressing the issues raised.

It is dangerous to sidestep the WP’s questions and let the “stealing rice bowls” mentality set in.

I hope to hear how, as Mr Seng puts it, “the societal position of Singaporeans (is not) in question”.

Nicholas Loh

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