TODAY: Mah’s remarks ‘incorrect’: WP chief

OPPOSITION MP Low Thia Khiang has rebutted National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan’s assertion that opposition MPs could make use of the Community Improvement Projects Committee (CIPC) funds to spruce up their estates.

On Saturday, Mr Mah was quoted – in response to reporters’ queries on the barrierfree access programme being extended to the Opposition wards – as saying that it was “not a change of mind”.

But in a press statement, the Workers’ Party chief said Mr Mah’s remarks were “factually incorrect and misleading”. An example Mr Low cited was in September 1995, when the Hougang Citizens Consultative Committee (CCC) did not support his Town Council’s application for CIPC funding to install illuminated car park direction signs. Instead, the CCC submitted an application to HDB “for a similar project” two weeks later. It was only after the CCC withdrew its application, that the HDB gave him the go-ahead for the signs, said Mr Low.

Even then, no CIPC funds were disbursed for the project, he added. – LOH CHEE KONG

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