Straits Times: Mystery posters attack WP for being ‘wayang’ party


SHADOWY STUFF: One of the posters referred to wayang kulit, a form of shadow puppet theatre. It is not known who is behind the posters.

THE Workers’ Party (WP) has unidentified enemies who are attacking it in both cyberspace and the heartland.

Posters and pamphlets slamming the opposition party were mysteriously put up and later distributed on Saturday outside the Fortunate Restaurant in Toa Payoh, where the WP was hosting its 50th anniversary dinner.

But the party has reacted to it calmly, saying that it will not pursue the matter yet and will wait and see if the slurs escalate.

WP chairman Sylvia Lim told The Straits Times yesterday: “It’s fair game to have criticisms when you enter politics. You just can’t please everyone.”

The posters, in attacking the WP, called it a wayang party, a derisive term suggesting that it is a party that is all show with no real substance.

One of the posters, with pictures of sets of teeth, read: “Open your mouth, wayang party!!! Has the WP lost all its teeth?”

Another said: “Stop the wayang kulit now. What has the WP done since GE2006?”

Meanwhile, in cyberspace, a blog has been set up to challenge the party but its author has said he is not responsible for the posters and pamphlets.

The blog urged netizens to join the Anti-WP Coalition “to serve as a watchdog on WP, the PAP’s watchdog”.

WP leader Low Thia Khiang said in media reports last week that the opposition here should be a watchdog and not a mad dog.

The person behind the blog goes by the online moniker of “thinknothing”.

A netizen with the same nickname has been posting on online forums, attacking the WP for being subservient to the ruling People’s Action Party.

Responding to an e-mail from The Straits Times, “thinknothing” said he wanted to be known only as Mr Lim and that he works in the aviation industry.

He had said in online forums that he is not responsible for the posters. But he told The Straits Times that he set up the blog to put pressure on the WP to be more “proactive and vocal”.

“Right now, they are simply not performing up to the standards expected of an opposition party,” he said.

Ms Lim said the party is also in the dark about the identity of the mysterious critic or critics.

The pamphlets were distributed on Saturday by teenage boys who, when asked, were unable to reveal the person who gave them the task, she added.

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