Straits Times: Political virgins no more


One year after


One year ago, they were political novices facing their first General Election. It was all new, from drafting rally speeches, to winning the loyalty of grassroots leaders, to knocking on the doors of constituents.

In the past year, they have had to grow up quickly, in between making parliamentary speeches and serving their constituents. Some had to pick up new skills such as line dancing and hip-hop steps. Others had to reconcile their personal views with that of their party.

There were also policies such as the GST hike, the offset package, and the ministerial pay increase that they have had to help explain to residents on the ground.

Friday Insight asks the 25 new MPs, including Non-Constituency MP Sylvia Lim, to reflect on the past 12 months. However, MPs Grace Fu and Hri Kumar are abroad, Christopher De Souza is preparing for a High Court hearing while Lui Tuck Yew declined to comment.

Non-Constituency MP

I lost my political innocence in the past year when…

It was lost when I joined the Workers’ Party in 2001. The awakening was the limited party resources which, in turn, challenged each of us to contribute to party capability building.

If I can turn back the clock to May 6, 2006, one thing I will do differently is…

To wear pants instead of a skirt. Too much running around and trudging through carparks, void decks and schools to bother about elegance!

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