Channel NewsAsia: Workers’ Party to introduce 20 candidates in run-up to Nomination Day


By Farah Abdul Rahim

Sylvia Lim, Chairman, Workers’ Party

SINGAPORE: The Workers’ Party will roll out some 20 candidates over the next 5 days – in the run-up to Nomination Day.

It plans to contest three GRCs including Ang Mo Kio and four Single Member Constituencies.

The Workers’ Party was the first opposition party to unveil its election manifesto earlier this year.

Sylvia Lim, Chairman, Workers’ Party, said: “We started preparing for this election really early this time and many of our potential candidates have been walking the ground from 3 to 4 years ago. We are glad it’s finally here, it gives some finality to the whole thing and we want to get on with it and get the show on the road.”

When the People’s Action Party introduced their new candidates, it called on the opposition to do likewise as the PAP believed Singaporeans should know who candidates are to make an informed choice.

But the Workers’ Party said it would wait till elections were called.

Out of the 20 candidates to be introduced by the Workers’ Party over the next few days, 15 will be first timers like its chairman Sylvia Lim while another 5 would have had some experience in at least one election campaign before.

The Workers’ Party plans to contest Ang Mo Kio, Aljunied and East Coast GRCs and 4 single seats – Hougang, Joo Chiat, Nee Soon East and Nee Soon Central.

The Workers’ Party made way for the SDP to contest Sembawang GRC so as to avoid a 3-cornered fight.

And in return, it wants to contest the single ward of Nee Soon Central, which the SDP had staked previously.

But will there be a three-cornered fight in Nee Soon Central?

Sylvia Lim said: “If a three-cornered fight is not resolved, we still have plans to go there.”

All eyes will be on whether a deal between the two opposition parties to avoid that scenario will be worked out before Nomination Day. – CNA/ch

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