Straits Times: Give me GRC with both opposition wards

WORKERS’ Party chief Low Thia Khiang issued his own challenge in response to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s dare that he contest a GRC: Give him one that includes his ward and Potong Pasir as well.

It would not be difficult for Mr Lee to ask the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee to draw a GRC that would include the two opposition-held constituencies, the Hougang MP said.

“They are not as far as Serangoon and Marine Parade,” Mr Low said, referring to the Serangoon ward which was previously part of the Marine Parade GRC. It is now part of Aljunied GRC. He was responding to comments by Mr Lee who, during a forum with young Singaporeans, said that Mr Low and Potong Pasir MP Chiam See Tong should move out of single-seat wards and helm GRCs.

Mr Low said he was not adverse to contesting in a GRC, but it will not be at the coming general election. Also, any such decision on a GRC was for his party to make. Still, he offered a challenge to the PAP for single wards and GRCs. The PAP appeared to be concerned about their new candidates not facing a contest at the polls. His solution: have them contest in single-seat constituencies.

“I would also advise the new Prime Minister to test especially those of ministerial quality to lead a GRC to see if they can carry the ground,” he said. “That would provide fairer competition. Then it’s candidate to candidate – not Opposition to Minister.”


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