Straits Times: PM runs into WP group in ward



PM’S HOME TURF: On a walkabout in his Teck Ghee ward of Ang Mo Kio GRC, Mr Lee ran into Mr Yaw Shin Leong (centre), a Workers’ Party Youth Wing executive committee member, who was there with other WP members. Asked by the PM if he would be a contender in Ang Mo Kio, Mr Yaw jokingly replied that the target was “massive”.

PRIME Minister Lee Hsien Loong was in his Teck Ghee ward of Ang Mo Kio GRC yesterday when he and his team bumped into Workers’ Party members on a walkabout too.

Shaking hands, Mr Lee asked WP Youth Wing executive committee member Yaw Shin Leong if he is contesting in Ang Mo Kio GRC.

Mr Yaw replied that it is for his party leadership to decide.

When Mr Lee asked if this was a big or small target, Mr Yaw replied: “Massive target.”

The 30-year-old business analyst told reporters afterwards: “It’s not easy to contest in Ang Mo Kio. The logistics itself are…wow.”

Still, he felt that Ang Mo Kio residents are familiar with the Workers’ Party as part of the GRC was once in the now-defunct Cheng San GRC, where the WP put up a strong showing in the 1997 elections.

He said WP members had visited Ang Mo Kio GRC more than 10 times in recent weeks, including five visits to Teck Ghee.

Mr Yaw said it was the first time he had met Mr Lee in person and found him to be “a nice gentleman”.

Mr Yaw, who was part of the disqualified WP team for Aljunied GRC in the 2001 General Election, was accompanied by a youthful group of over a dozen. They included businesswoman Glenda Han, 30; sales coordinator Abdul Salim, 24; translation company executive Lee Wai Leng, 26; sales executive Melvin Tan, 31; and property executive Gopal Krishnan, 54.

They were distributing leaflets and brochures to hawkers and stall patrons about half an hour before the PAP team arrived at the same food centre.

A 65-year-old resident, who wanted to be known only as Mr Ong, said of the WP team: “Their chances are slim, but some fight is better than no fight at all.”

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