TODAY: Compare apples with apples: WP’s Low

General Election 2006

IF MY rival can do it, then so can I, indicated Opposition MP Low Thia Khiang in response to reports that PAP’s Eric Low had promised to help Hougang residents privatise their HUDC estates.

He said that if his constituents wanted their estates privatised, he would certainly fight for it as hard as Mr Eric Low had.

“Is he saying the Opposition MP can’t fight for it in Parliament or is less effective in fighting for certain rights or interests? I think we are equally effective,” said the Workers’ Party (WP) chief.

Speaking to reporters after his meet-the-people session last night, Mr Low also touched on the issue of upgrading which, he acknowledged, could be important for residents.

“But when it came to improving amenities, MPs should be given similar resources, he said. “The current situation now is not like comparing which candidate is more capable but whose father is richer,” said Mr Low.

“If the Government gives me the same amount of resources as the other PAP wards, I’m very sure that if I can’t do a better job than PAP MPs, at the very least, I can do an equal job.”

Mr Low also leapt into the lift upgrading debate started by Potong Pasir MP Chiam See Tong, who said his Town Council’s proposal to stop lifts at every floor had been rejected two years back.

The HDB then stated that the previous Town Council Act had prohibited the use of residential sinking funds to upgrade the lifts to stop at every floor. The act was amended last year.

Mr Low claimed that his Town Council had a lift upgrading programme approved by the HDB six years ago, though he clarified that the money had come from the Town Council’s surplus funds.

But one year after that, another application to carry out similar works also using surplus funds had been rejected, he said. The HDB said it was looking into Mr Low’s remarks, made late in the day. – LOH CHEE KONG

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