Sunday Times: WP: Opposition spurs PAP to give upgrading

By Zakir Hussain

VOTE for the opposition and you can still get upgrading.

That is the line from a Workers’ Party (WP) member tipped to stand in East Coast GRC in the coming general election.

Senior bank manager Eric Tan, 51, argues that the opposition provides competition so the People’s Action Party has to improve estates, and come up with programmes to help low-wage workers.

He said: “Because we walk the ground, you are the beneficiaries and we are happy that you are the beneficiaries.”

He was speaking to reporters at a walkabout in Bedok South yesterday afternoon with three other prospective WP candidates in East Coast GRC.

They are: Mr Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman, 66, a technician; Mr Brandon Siow, 31, an account manager; and lawyer Chia Ti Lik, 33.

While all have been on frequent visits to the GRC of late, meeting residents and handing out name cards, they were coy when asked to confirm if they would contest there, saying it was up to the party to decide.

According to the WP website, the party has made at least nine visits to the GRC since last December.

On their chances in East Coast, Mr Abdul Rahim said: “Before, people were scared of openly supporting the opposition. Now, people feel a little more comfortable supporting the opposition, that is an advantage for us.”

However, retired crane operator Ares Abdul Gani, 55, thought otherwise.

He said: “Although we have not voted in the past two elections, the estate has improved a lot recently and we have lifts on every floor. I think they will have a tough time.”

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