TODAY: What the political parties promise …

Elections 2001

Workers’ Party
Power to the People and New Poor
Power to the People: giving people the power to vote

New Poor

1. People who have to contend with increasing high costs of living and are relatively poor.

2. These people include the unemployed, people in low-paid or part-time employment, struggling local entrepreneurs, the sick and disabled, older people and a sizeable portion of the middle-class

3. They face rising costs in areas like school and tuition fees, public transport, food prices, health care, utility charges, office rentals and telecommunication costs.

4. Young and elderly Singaporeans will have to contend with foreign workers in the job market. WP chief Low Thia Khiang calls for a more stringent foreign talent policy

5. Companies suffering from poor business have to down size and relocate to lower cost places like China and Third World countries.

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