Straits Times: ‘Opposition not playing hide and seek politics’

Workers’ Party rallies

WORKERS’ Party candidate Wee Han Kim said last night that the Opposition was quite prepared to be scrutinised and was not playing “hide-and-seek politics”.

Mr Wee, who is contesting in the Pasir Panjang GRC, said that if the PAP did not want the Opposition to take cover and “come out like a commando unit” – as the WP did on Nomination Day – it should “free the system” and abolish the Internal Security Act.

“Make sure also that political opponents do not suffer in their trade, professions and businesses and then you will see a lot of Opposition candidates coming out,” he said at a Jalan Besar rally.

Criticising the PAP’s cadre system of membership, he said everyone’s political affiliations ought to be made known and declared.

He also urged “the middle class” in Singapore to wake up to the fact that “the ground has shifted” and to vote for the Opposition.

Another WP candidate, Mr Toh Keng Thong, contesting in Jalan Besar GRC, said he would look into the plight of the lower-income earners if elected. Describing himself as a former long-time resident of the area, he cited reductions in taxes on essential goods.

At another rally at Leng Kee, Mr Gopalan Nair, candidate in Tiong Bahru GRC, challenged the PAP’s view that Singapore had democracy just because elections were held every four years.

He said there were other vital democratic institutions like free trade unions and a free press.

Also speaking at the rally in Cantonese was Dr Lee Siew Choh, candidate in Eunos GRC, who explained why he needed nine instalments to pay $45,000 in damages and costs to Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Claiming that he was not a rich man, he said even the Government made payments for its public projects in instalments.

Referring to his 1973 damages of $50,000, which he had to pay the Mr Lee, also for defamation, he said: “Taken together, what I had earned I had to give to Mr Lee Kuan Yew. So I do not have much money left to repay him this time round.”

At a rally at Bukit Merah Central, businessman Pok Lee Chuen, candidate for Bukit Merah, said voters should not judge Opposition candidates by the same standards as PAP candidates.

Speaking in Mandarin, he said the PAP has been in power for a long time. If people were to judge Opposition candidates by the same standards, they will not make it to Parliament.

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