New Nation: Workers’ Party wants new society

14-point manifesto

A new constitution for a new society will be the central theme of the Workers’ Party election manifesto.

This was stated today by its chairman Mr. Heng Swee Tong. He said that the Workers’ Party will present a 14-point manifesto to the electorate in the coming elections. They are:

• Entrench fundamental rights of the people in a new constitution for Singapore;

• Strengthen parliamentary democratic government and initiate machinery for obtaining people’s views in decisions affecting them;

• Amend all laws which provide for detention without trial to remove all possible abuses by ministers and the police;

• Remove concentration of power in the executive and transfer exercise of power to independent tribunals;

• Re-introduce trial by jury and remove all brutality in the administration of the criminal law;

• Abolish hospital charges for outpatient services, tax on water and light. Review and reduce wherever possible fees charged by government for services;

• Give income tax relief for dependants.

• Reduce defence expenditure and heavy government spending and distribute savings in social services for the people;

• Repeal the Employment Act and introduce new laws to protect and safeguard employment and conditions of work of the labour force;

• National health service to be implemented;

• Scrap suitability certificates and free universities to enable them to make contribution to society;

• Grant citizenship to all those who have made Singapore their home;

• Work closely with Malaysia on matters of mutual concern to Singaporeans and work actively towards regional co-operation; and

• Establish immediately diplomatic ties with China.

Mr. Heng is optimistic that the Workers’ Party will form the major opposition in Parliament after the elections.

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