Straits Times: WP and UNF hold talks on electoral understanding

THE Workers Party and the United National Front are having talks to reach an electoral understanding.

It Is understood that the aim is to avoid splitting of Opposition votes in constituencies where key personalities of both parties are involved.

The Workers Party already has an understanding with the Peoples Front.

According to Barisan chairman Dr. Lee Siew Choh, the agreement on the 10 constituencies between his party and the Workers Party still stands.

UNF secretary-general Mr. R. Vetrivelu said a WP representative had talks with UNF chairman Mr. Lim Ah Kow.

He said: “We have offered the WP 15 constituencies. A reply is expected tomorrow.”

Mr. Vetrivelu said that the WP had suggested that UNF withdraw its candidates at Potong Pasir and Farrer Park.

WP’s first vice-chairman Mr. R. Murugason and Mr. Jeyaretnam, the secretary-general, have announced that they would be contesting Potong Pasir and Farrer Park respectively.

The UNF candidates are Mr. Harnek Singh (Potong Pasir) and Inche S.A. Latiff (Farrer Park).

Mr. Vetrivelu said: “It is impossible. We have already laid the groundwork in those areas.”

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