Straits Times: Anson: Marshall to contest


MR. DAVID MARSHALL, chairman of the Workers’ Party, is to contest the Anson by-election – Nomination Day for which is Saturday.

Mr. Marshall was directed to fight the by-election, at an emergency session of the party’s executive council tonight.

The party decided to fight the by-election, a statement from the executive council stated because:

• IT was “deeply conscious” that only free people can plan and develop a healthy future.

• DEMOCRACY to survive requires an effective Opposition in the Legislative Assembly.

The statement, signed by the party’s secretary-general, Mr. Chua Chin Kiat, said that Mr. Marhsall would have a three-fold aim in contesting the Anson seat.

Independence aim

The party wanted the people of Singapore to have an “effective vigorous, honest and constructive Opposition in the Assembly, supporting the Government in measures that are wise; criticising, guiding and advising where necessary; and at all times be on guard to protect the people.”

It also wanted to help workers by protecting the trade union movement from “political enslavement” as well as raise their standard of living.

The third aim, the statement explained, was to revive the fight against Colonialism so that “decent people of Singapore may have renewed hope and renewed courage in seeking complete independence preferably within, and if necessary without, the Federation.”

‘Must accept’

Though the statement did not say whether Mr. Marshall accepted the nomination, a party spokesman told the Straits Times tonight: “He must accept the decision of…

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