Straits Times: Convenor says: Workers’ Party is a weapon

MR N. S. N. NAIR, president of the 17,000-strong Army Civil Service Union, said yesterday that the proposed Singapore Workers’ Party was not intended to be just another political party.

The objective was to create a political instrument for all workers united in trade unions, whatever their views right, left or centre.

Mr. Nair, who is also convenor of the party, said this in an open letter to all Colony trade unions.

His letter is contained in the latest issue of Suara ACSU, published yesterday.

Mr. Nair said: “All the workers in Singapore have much in common; the improvement of our rice bowl and the protection of our basic rights as human beings require united political action.

“This is even more true today than when we first approached you.”

He said his executive council was concerned about the “undemocratic action” of the Government in arresting people under the Public Security ordinance when such action was unwarranted.

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